May 2008

Tim Moore, Visiting Angels, ResponseLink

Visiting Angels

Tim began by explaining the three levels of care one can expect from a home care agency:
1) nursing – top level of care, is covered by Medicare and requires a prescription from a doctor for skilled nursing, physical/occupational or speech therapy
2) personal care – more hands on, but not medical. e.g. bathing, dressing
3) companion care – no physical contact required for assistance. e.g. meals, laundry, housekeeping
Visiting Angels provide 2 and 3 as well as respite care.

Most Visiting Angels clients are private pay but is also covered by long term care insurance which covers 2 ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living) such as bathing, dressing and feeding. Costs vary depending on location e.g. in Vienna $16-$18/hour; in Leesburg/Reston $18-$20/hour.

Visiting Angels is an employee based company and employees are bonded, insured and undergo criminal background checks. As a result, you will pay more for an agency employed care giver, but Tim explained the risk that if you hire an independent contractor and he/she doesn’t pay their taxes, the IRS can come after you.

Visiting Angels do not have long term contracts and the first week is considered a trial period. After the first week, they ask for 24 hours cancellation notice.

Most agencies have minimum hours and Visiting Angels has a 4 hour minimum. However, they also offer a 2 hour bath visit that they call and Angel   Visit. Twenty-four hour care is also available. They come to your home whether it is a single family dwelling, or assisted living, rehabilitation or nursing home.

They do an initial home visit and assessment and if there is time, will introduce you to your caregiver to ensure that you are comfortable with him or her.

Assisted living communities don’t provide one on one care, so it is common for home care agencies to supplement care, particularly after hospitalization.

For more information go to
or contact Tim (Leesburg/Reston/Fairfax) at
or 571-283-1328 or Randy (Vienna/McLean/Oakton/Fairfax) at or 703-714-6669


ResponseLink is 24 hour push-button emergency help. You wear it as a necklace or on your wrist and there is also a base unit in your home. Should you fall and require assistance, you push the button and ResponseLink will call you via the base unit to determine what level of assistance you require. The base unit has a microphone, so they can hear you in a home as large as 2,500 – 3,000 square feet. They will stay on the phone until someone comes to help you.

Unlike other similar companies, there is no long-term contract required with ResponseLink.

The cost is $34.95/month for the basic service or $49.95/month for an additional service that reminds you when to take your medications and   includes wake-up calls and wellness checks.

There is a one-time enrollment/set-up fee of $50 but for Tim is offering a special for our group of $20.

For more information go to or contact Tim who represents ResponseLink in Northern Virginia at  or 571-283-1328.

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