The program date listed, for Karl and Angela Robb to speak to our support group in March, is incorrect. The annual PFNCA Symposium is being held on March 25th, at the Marriott in Falls Church . We will reschedule with the Robb’s at their earliest convenience.

2 comments on “Correction

  1. Hello, Donna.

    Could you please add my friend, Helen Kelly, to your email list. She is interested in coming to our Saturday support group meetings. She is a care partner.


    Thank you,

    Margo Sterling


    • Hi Margo,
      I’m helping Sandy and Donna out because Sandy is in the process of buying/selling/moving house.
      If someone wants to be on the mailing list, they just go to the website and in the top right hand corner, they enter their email address. Then they receive an email asking them to confirm. So I usually suggest that people do this themselves, so they know to expect the confirmation email.
      I’ll add Helen’s name, and hope she gets the confirmation email. If she doesn’t it may have gone to her junk mail box, but she can re-enter her email on the website . . . Hope this wasn’t too complicated and you both are well!

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