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Exercise / Voice practice at home


Parkinson’s Exercise Essentials: Getting Started, Staying Motivated, Seeing Results.

Developed by the Davis Phinney Foundation, this first-of-its kind video provides a range of workouts that can be modified for any level of fitness, from beginner to advanced, and can be performed at home, in a fitness center or out in the community.
Click here for more information.

Parkinson Wellness Recovery (PWR)

PWR! is about early intervention, enrichment, education and empowerment of those living with Parkinson disease. We believe in the basic science studies advocating for exercise as a first line of defense as earlier and more Parkinson disease diagnoses become a reality. Even as other proactive options like medications and deep brain stimulation become utilized, exercise is just as necessary to optimize their benefits.
Includes PWRMoves™ Guidebook: A PWR!Guide to a Parkinson-specific Exercise Program.

Everyday Yoga for Mature Living

There are two new 20 minute videos available on chair yoga for older adults led by Fairfax Area Agency on Aging’s Lucy Gerland, a certified yoga instructor. Click here to find out how to access them.



Parkinson Voice Project

Our Mission: To preserve the voices of individuals with Parkinson’s and related neurological disorders through intensive voice therapy, follow up support, research, education, and community awareness.

Voice Meter App for iPhones

Description from the web page:
From the creators of the Sōsh™ app for social skills comes Voice Meter, a speech volume monitoring and regulation tool. This feature, also contained within the full Sōsh™ app, has been so popular and garnered so much praise that it is now also offered as a stand-alone app.

Voice Meter is a fun and interactive way for a person to pay attention to the volume of their speech and adjust accordingly. Developed by two psychologists this app is designed for individuals who experience speech difficulties, especially in the area of speech volume.

The Voice Meter provides a visual rating of vocal volume to practice speaking at more appropriate levels. Simply hold the device near your mouth and speak at your normal volume to learn how loudly you speak and adjust your speech accordingly. Voice Meter will reflect if the speech volume is Too Soft, Too Loud, or Just Right. This is a great tool to use in school, at home, in groups, and in speech therapy.

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