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Other Related Issues

When reading the paper is no longer an option . . .

If you or  someone you know, can no longer read the newspaper, check out Metropolitan Washington Ear. A free program that offers daily readings of the Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, People Magazine and more. They broadcast over the radio and provide a large catalogue of readings via a dial-in phone service.
More information at www.washear.org or call 301-681-6636, TTY 711

InterStim Therapy for urinary control

Interstim is a Medtronic product and a neurostimulator for the bladder.
For more information go to www.everyday-freedom.com


“Eat Well, Stay Well With Parkinson’s Disease” by Kathryn Holden is now available for $15 in PDF format that you can download.  Click here  for more information.

The website with information about other books she has written and a Daily Tip is   www.nutritionucanlivewith.com.


Dr. Peyam Mojallal spoke at the PFNCA Community Lecture Series in March 2011 and again in July 2011 as part of the presentation by the Northern Virginia Fall Prevention Coalition. He spoke about Parkinson-related vision issues that can affect balance.

His PowerPoint presentation is available in PDF form for you to read.

Dr. Mojallal’s office is in Ashburn and his website is www.mojvision.org.

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