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September 2012

Peggy Roberge, BSN, Clinical Nurse Coordinator, PADRECC Parkinson’s Disease Research Education & Clinical Center (PADRECC) Address: Hunter Holmes McGuire VAMC, 1201 Broad Rock Blvd., Richmond, VA 23249 Phone: 804-938-5173 Website: http://www.parkinsons.va.gov PADRECC is part of the Veterans Affairs (VA) system. There are several in the U.S. and they are set up as centers for clinical […]

June 2009

NVFPC – Northern Virginia Fall Prevention Coalition We had two speakers today from the Northern Virginia Fall Prevention Coalition. Tony Schaffer from  Schaffer Construction   began by speaking about the coalition which follows Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. There are 21 state coalitions but neither Maryland nor Virginia are among them.  Click here to go to the CDC […]

September 2008

Dr. Ted Rothstein   http://www.tedrothsteinmd.com Click here to read Dr. Rothstein’s excellent article for American Scientist magazine entitled, “The Neglected Side of Parkinson’s Disease”. Parkinson disease (PD) is named after James Parkinson who published a monograph in 1817 entitled “An Essay on the Shaking Palsy”. His conclusions were based on his observations of 6 people, and he […]